November 27, 2007

Poet Sketch - Chairil Anwar

About one week ago my chief editor ordered me to made this sketch. this is Chairil Anwar, the greatest Indonesian poet in modern poetry. He also known as "Si Binatang Jalang" (The Wild Animal). For some reason he is one of hero in indonesia's art history. Many great Indonesian artist has inspired by him. He died in 1949.

This sketch reference by his old picture. Classic pose of him.

November 22, 2007

Baby Sketch Study - Aura

I did this sketch this morning. she is Aura, Pipit's friend daughter in office. Aura so lovely baby.

big hug from oom oby..:-)

November 17, 2007

musician sketch - Sting -

In the last two days i always listening his song every afternoon, especially When We Dance,

...I'm still in love with you
Im gonna find a place to

Give you all Ive got to give
When we dance,
angels will run and hide their wings....

i did the sketch on sunday morning, full sunshine morning..

Just one word for him: brilliant

November 13, 2007

Portait Sketch Study - Vitri

she is my new friend. Thanks to God she wants to be my model, to be my friend. next time i'll sketch her again better than this, of course if she doesn't mind.

November 7, 2007

Woman Portrait Study - Luna Maya

Luna Maya is Indonesian actrees. Every normal guys should be love her...:-)

November 6, 2007

Kid Portrait Study - Yassin

Yassin is Emila's son. Yassin so cute kid. As I know Emila Yusof is one of Malaysian great illustrator, i love her works. i've promised her to sketching Yassin potrait. About one week ago I explored her blog to looking for Yassin photos. Many nice photoshot on her blog - (besides great illustrator Emila is great photograher too) and I decided to choose this photoshot. it's amazing photoshot, I love the light and the colours. I don't know when Emila take this photo, i think when Yassin was in two or three years old.

Big hug for Yassin from his new "pak cik" in Batam Island...:-)