November 6, 2007

Kid Portrait Study - Yassin

Yassin is Emila's son. Yassin so cute kid. As I know Emila Yusof is one of Malaysian great illustrator, i love her works. i've promised her to sketching Yassin potrait. About one week ago I explored her blog to looking for Yassin photos. Many nice photoshot on her blog - (besides great illustrator Emila is great photograher too) and I decided to choose this photoshot. it's amazing photoshot, I love the light and the colours. I don't know when Emila take this photo, i think when Yassin was in two or three years old.

Big hug for Yassin from his new "pak cik" in Batam Island...:-)


Emila Yusof said...

Dobby!! great sketch!! I love it! Thank you, thank you! Can I put up your sketch in my blog? Of course, I will link back to you as you're the artist! I love it! Yassin gives you big hug too!

dobby said...

Your Welcome Emila! Of course you can put it on your blog too..:-)

GhettoFab said...

some great tones in there Dobby! A wonderful gift!

and I love you too ;)

jurulukis said...

great piece of art..
kindly visit my blog

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