June 19, 2013

sketsa bulan juni


Abrar Ros said...

your blog inspires me to draw! thank you.. please keep sharing your great drawings and don't just stop here.

Sunil Rawat said...

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Anonymous said...

that was so fascinating talent you must treasure it

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Anonymous said...

it was so brilliant i like it

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sai mangune said...

love these sketches, you're very artistic!
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Саша Иванова said...

Good job. Nice blog about illustrations. Who are interested ,follow. Welcome. Brobas

Yannis Morris said...

Nice sketch it looks real.
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Nighel Hamilton said...

I love seeing your photos,You give me some idea's. Thanks for sharing. Keep posting.
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Ileana said...

Beautiful and expressive.

Sharone Pagasa said...

Very interesting, i will share this to my friends... thanks

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Valerian Green said...

Fantastic art.. very interesting i will try this in my free time.

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Unknown said...

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